How many times the screens can be stripped with water stripping machine?

There's no limit in stripping the screens because there's no effect from water on the surface of the nickel.

Can all photo emulsions be removed?

Yes. The only problem occurs if the emulsion penetrates inside the nickelscreen. The water stripping can only take away from the outside of the screen.

What kind of chemicals are used for stripping?

It is a mixture of toxic chemicals like Methelyn Chloride, Dichloromethane Chloride, Formic Acid and Phenol.


What is the main advantages?

- Your workers don't have to work with high toxic chemicals anymore.

- Saving the environment.

- Less problem with wasting water treatment.

- The screen will not be damaged by chemicals.

- No changes in the open area of the screen.

- You can also strip high mesh nickel screens (155,165,185,195).

What is the life time of nickel screen?

It strongly depends on which kind of dyestuff you're printing and what kind of screen supplier you're using. It also depends on what the squeegee type is (blade or magnet).

How does the Aqua jet screen stripper work?

First, The screen is loaded on the brush holders. Screens can be loaded with endrings and taping or without. After that, the aquajet will remove the tape and the endring glue without any problem. In typically 7 minutes (depending on screen coating), a 640 mm diameter screen is stripped with perfect results, without damaging the nickel surface, a problem typical for laser strippers.


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